We concentrate on all these topics and more!

Photo Retouching

Business,Marketing & Social Media

Working with Models

Knowing your equipment

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• Photo Retouching: Retouching is better learned one-to-one since everyone has different skill levels, our workshops cover a general workflow, retouching process as well as tips and tricks.

• Business, Marketing & Social Media: This topic covers not only basic accounting and how to manage your business but also how and what to charge your clients as well as negotiating. Samples of invoices and contracts will be available in Excel format. Social Media and Marketing will show you tricks in this area: having more likes and subscribers as well as getting paid for work from social media.

Working with Models: Anthony Turano will guide you through the best way to work, communicate and guide models to get the best possible photos. A model will be present at most of the workshops so that Anthony can demonstrate how he works with his models.

• Knowing your Equipment: We will not cover so much the technical side but rather "what you should really invest in", how you can do more with less and how to travel with your equipment. Anthony Turano will show how he uses his equipment in different situations.

• Portfolio Evaluation: Your portfolio will be carefully reviewed by Anthony Turano. He will discuss your work with you. Which ones should go and which ones should stay as well as why. This is not an evaluation of good or bad photo. Anthony will guide you with techniques to improve your portfolio and how to perform these improvements.

Private Workshops: Anthony Turano will begin by assessing your current level of experience. The benefit of learning one-to-one is that the course is completely suited to you. You will not waste your time or money on learning things you already know. Rather, you can push the knowledge you already have to perfection. There is no commitment and you have the option to book as many sessions as you want or need. Other courses that are not mentioned, such as editing videos with Final Cut Pro X and Graphic & Web Design will be offered.

Private Workshop Price: $ 80 / hour, up to 6 hours / day. Discounts will be applied for multiple sessions booked in advance. The course is available at your home or at our retouching studio. All sessions are by appointment only.

* Sessions by phone or Skype ™ will be available for those out of town at a discounted price.