Why I got the iPad Pro, a Photographers Review

So, when the iPad Pro was announced I was one of those people that said "Finally!". Why? Well the iPad (Regular size) has been my portfolio since 2010, when it first came out. I was one of the first people in my circle to ditch my 11X14 print portfolio for a 9.7 inch tablet.

Lot's of my fellow photographers and industry reps thought it would never catch on. It is now almost a standard. It just makes sense on so many levels. Cost being the major one. I would update my print portfolio every 3 months or so, and it would cost me around 350$ every time. Not to mention the money lost form the old images I would chuck in the garbage or put in "storage".

Also the hassle of rearranging my photos every time I had a meeting, depending on what type of client I was seeing. Just a pain. When the iPad came out it's almost as if it was made for us (photographers/creatives). You could categorize your photos into folders, so clients could only see "editorial" for example, without having to flip through 27 pages of beauty shots that they have no interest in. 

So now that I have covered the general "why the iPad makes an awesome portfolio". Let me tell you my biggest issue with it all these years. The size! What I missed the most about my print portfolio was the size. And with every new version of iPad that was released, with very little change in the size department, I got angrier and angrier. Even getting a Toshiba 13" something or other. I lasted about 1 week with it. The android platform could not scroll through my images smoothly and every time it got to a new image it would be pixelated for the first second or 2, then it would look great. That might work for viewing family photos at Christmas, but not when I'm having a meeting with an advertising firm pitching a 30,000$ job. So needless to say, the announcement of the iPad Pro was long awaited for me.

Retouching in Photoshop on the iPad Pro using Astropad

Retouching in Photoshop on the iPad Pro using Astropad

So, now that I have it, is it all I expected? Is it what I was waiting for all these years? Yes! Big time in fact. The size is perfect. Big enough to make images look amazing, small enough to carry around. The bonus for me was the Apple Pencil. Using the Astropad App I now have replaced my Wacom tablet for retouching with my iPad Pro. It basically turns it into a Cintiq (But way better & cheaper!)


The Size ( 12.9 inch screen)
The Resolution (2732 x 2048 ~ 264 ppi)
Apple Pencil (Retouching with Astropad)
Real Multitasking
Build Quality
Amazing Sound Quality


Price (This should have been closer to 700$ CAD not 1,049)
Apple Pencil should be included for that price
Apple Case & Keyboard are overpriced at over 175$ combined.
Still no way to sync higher resolution images from iPhoto



All this to say, I love it. My clients are always impressed by it and some have commented, "Finally we don't have to look at tiny iPad screens any more." . I've gotten used to the size very quickly. When I stumble upon my old iPad it just feels small, and I almost can't believe I used to go see clients with something that tiny. The bonus of being able to retouch on it makes the price tag, for me, way more acceptable. Zero regrets on this purchase. Oh and one last app recommendation for photography portfolios, Foliobook. Great professional looking app with tons of features and customization. That's my experience with the iPad Pro.