Photo Credit: Instagram

I rarely have negative rants. But somethings need to be said.

Those laws that everyone is afraid of on Facebook and Instagram that supposedly gives them the rights to your photos. Those are so that if a TV news story is talking about Facebook or Instagram and they show a random page or account they can't get sued by you. It by No Means allows websites and bloggers that pass themselves of as modern day journalists to use the photos and add the caption Photo Credit: Instagram. 


Especially when people are tagged left right and center on photos these days. You have no excuse. Do 4 minutes of real journalism work and find out who took the photo and who is in it. In our industry it is all we ask and people still don't get it. Models need to be credited. Makeup artists need to be credited. Photographers need to be credited. And I can assure any publication that thinks they can use my photos without permission will hear from my lawyer very quickly.

Most blogs will not get into a legal battle over 1 image. They will either add the credit or remove the photo. In my experience, most will add the credit if you ask nicely. However, using a loophole in somone else's terms and conditions for your blog does not apply. It's to protect THEM (Facebook and Instagram) not you and your dumb "blog". Is it really that hard to write Photo Credit: @username under an image?

I mean, if you don't know who took the photo at least tag the account where you stole it from! Crediting the app you stole it from does what exactly?? You think it protects you? Most people are so scared of Facebook and Instagram's terms, that they would never dare say anything, but don't forget. You would not be going against them. You are going against the publisher. 

If somone at a major newspaper would do this they would get fired the same day! Mind you it would probably never get approved for print. We need to have the same standards regardless of the terms and conditions of huge corporations. 

Sorry. I'm done. Have a positive and amazing day. Share the love.