My first real YouTube video

Hey guys! So its been a while now, ok..years since I've been wanting to get into creating YouTube videos. I watch reviews and all kinds of other videos on YouTube on a daily basis. And I've posted many behind the scenes videos of my photo shoots, but I always knew I had the technical knowhow to do it, but the truth is, like most photographers, I don't like being in front of the camera.

For my first video I decided to do a "What's in my Bag?" video. Why? Well I thought it was an easy subject, pretty straight forward. Hats off to all those YouTubers out there. It's a lot of work, and a lot of time. I highly underestimated the preparation and time this all takes.

One morning I just woke up and told myself, today is the day. I went into my office, set everything up and started filming. I made TONS of mistakes. Retake after retake. One issue that this cause, and again, it's due to my lack of experience in front of the camera. I found that by the time I nailed what I wanted to say without flubbing, my expression was dry and monotone. I guess because I had repeated it 15 times before, I was fed up and now was saying something I memorized versus natural talking. Thats definitely something I will have to work on. 

One thing I also want to do is tutorial videos, for this I will be recording my screen and me talking, so a bit less pressure there. Will keep you posted on those. 

In the end I was really disappointed with my video, but then I went on youtube and watched other "What's in my bag?" videos, and I didn't feel so bad. I'm not saying the others were bad, but I felt I wasn't too far off, especially considering that most of those videos I watched were from regular YouTubers with large followings. I guess I'll see how this goes, if they are popular I will try and make more.

Hope you enjoyed it!