Ashley Graham’s New Line of Plus-Size Lingerie Debuts in NYFW

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Many designers and buyers eagerly await Fashion Week in the fall, where the world’s top designers showcase the designs and styles they hope will trend in the next year’s Spring/Summer collections. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, plus-sized model-turned-designer Ashley Graham wowed the audience by strutting onto the catwalk to promote her new line of plus-sized lingerie.

Ashley is most known for her work with Lane Bryant, as well as for being a body activist. In an inspiring TED Talk, she told the world about her journey into the fashion industry, and how she learned to accept herself despite the standards set by the industry she is working in.

This week, Ashley showed audiences that she couldn’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well, strutting onstage at NYFW in her own line of lingerie. Speaking to Vogue, Ashley said that the whole inspiration for her line came from not being able to find any sexy lingerie in her size. “It is really hard to find lingerie that’s both supportive and sexy. I’m a sexy girl who likes to wear see-through shirts with lace popping out,” she said. “And I really wanted that in my size.” 

Ashley’s range comes at a time when more and more people are beginning to accept that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, and at a time when more people are becoming more open to the idea of purchasing sexy lingerie. While reports released by Lyst show that lingerie seems to be among the least-purchased products online, further research by Key Note Ltd has shown that lingerie serves three key purposes for women, especially in the UK: “as a necessity for the majority of women in the UK; as a fashion statement, to be worn both as underwear and outerwear that follows the leading fashion trends of the season; and as a sexually appealing commodity worn by females for the purposes of sexual attraction and desire.”

Plus-sized women are not immune to these necessities, and Ashley seems to have found the perfect market. Her new range of lingerie will be sold in various online stores in the coming months. 

In the past, Ashley has appeared in various campaigns promoting body diversity, starring along other plus-sized models in a spread for Glamour Iceland. Behind-the-scenes shots of the said spread showed that, as Anthony Turano's previous blogs have stated, "Sexy shoots are not as sexy as you think."

Guest post written by Veronika Steffen.
Veronika is a plus-sized girl who used to think her body was just too big for sexy lingerie. Since she discovered the work of Ashley Graham, she's started to look at her body in a different light, and has begun to recognize that sexy is more than just a number.]