Anthony Turano has been a photographer for 15 years. With his unique style and flair for creating stunning fashion editorials for world leading magazines, to ad campaigns for his prestigious clients, Anthony’s love and passion for his art is visible in his work. Based out of Montreal, Canada and shooting anywhere his work may take him, Anthony brings a world of experience and vision to his work and goes above and beyond for his clients. 

Anthony brings your ideas to the next level, he is not just there to shoot for your brand, but wants to make sure you get the best possible result in the process. Anthony works with a team of makeup artists, stylists and has close relationships with all the top modelling agencies in North America.  With his great sense of humour on set and no stress attitude, Anthony gets the job done, and done well!

Anthony Turano est photographe depuis 15 ans. Que ce soit pour les plus grands magazines au monde ou pour des campagnes publicitaires pour ces clients prestigieux, il crée des éditoriaux de mode de toute beauté imprégnés de son talent et style unique. Anthony communique son amour et passion pour son art dans son travail. Anthony apporte toujours sa riche expérience et vision pour satisfaire ces clients.

En amenant vos idées à la réalité, Anthony ne fera pas que photographier pour votre marque, mais s’assurera aussi que vous aurez les meilleurs résultats possibles. Il travaille en collaboration avec une équipe d’artistes-maquilleuses, stylistes et maintien une excellente relation professionnelle avec les meilleures agences de mannequins.  Avec son fameux sens de l’humour et son attitude décontracté pendant les séances photos, Anthony accompli son travail et ce, de façon brillante!


Agence LOOK reviewed Anthony Turano Photography — 5 star

"Avec Anthony Turano, les résultats sont tjrs assurés. Travail professionnel, rapide et surtout artistiquement au point!"

Marina Bastarache reviewed Anthony Turano Photography — 5 star

"I had heard of him many times, I had seen most of his work, and so when he asked for a collaboration on YouTube, I was beyond excited! Nevertheless, he surprised me every step of the way: his kindness, his talent, his vision, his advices... and the results of a shoot with him were simply beyond my greatest expectations! "

Lindsay Bélanger (Model) reviewed Anthony Turano Photography — 5 star

"Anthony is more than just an amazing Photographer he's a good person and good people are sometime hard to find in this industry. It's always a nice and fun day with him on set and his photos look absolutely beautiful."

Julie Magnan (Makeup Artist) reviewed Anthony Turano Photography — 5 star

"Every time I work with Anthony it's a blast. First, he's quick, he knows what he wants and doesn't waste time on taking too many shots. He's very professional, on time and creative. He contributes to a very chill and relax atmosphere on set which helps everyone give their best. The results are always amazing. His photoshoots are always a pleasant experience."